Red Wing Wall of Honor (2018)

Red Wing, a shoe company that sells boots worn by blue collar workers in manual labor fields, invited their customers to share a heroic story and pictures/videos that occured while wearing their Red Wing boots. If their story was selected, it was commemorated on the physical display of their flagship store in Red Wing, Minnesota, where their old Red Wing boots are annually enshrined on the Wall of Honor.

Red Wing needed a virtual representation of the wall of honor. The website consisted of a media-heavy double carousel of video clips, audio clips, and text for 50 different stories. The site had to responsively scale and perform efficiently across large monitors, small laptops, mobile devices and had to run offline on a physical kiosk in Red Wing's Flagship store. The project was done in collaboration with the designers and creative directors of SOCIALDEVIANT, a creative digital agency in Chicago, Illinois.

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